Okay you have ten seconds think of an rpg class thats never existed before

Ass devourer, they eat the asses right off of people

What the fuck

OP gave me ten seconds

toomuchsky asked
omg i can't wait for this !!

You’re a Bard, who may or may not be blessed by Desna. You’re talented at your performance skill, which is Oration. You use a rapier, and enemies are surprised at how fierce a combatant you are. 

satomi-rentarou asked
can i be a dragon. or a fairy. or a fairy dragon. knight.

You are a Manakete. You have a pouch full of dragonstones, and the rest of your party can recognize you in dragon form because of the bandanna around your neck. You use your long life to memorize a library full of nothing but puns.

larklet asked
YER A WIZARD ALEX. what am i

You’re an Arcane Archer. You started as a ranger, and your main weapon is a longbow. You’re talented at Diplomacy and Stealth.